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    Reporting on the rapporteurs

    Observers flock to Beyond Kyoto to make December in Copenhagen a success

    A Danish green think tank overseeing discussions at the Beyond Kyoto climate conference will make recommendations to politicians during the lead up to the COP15 conference.

    “One of the issues we will address in our recommendations so far will be the need to focus on getting the private and civilian sector into the equation,” said CONCITO chairman Martin Lidegaard.

    He said it needs to be made clear, what the civilian and private sector can assist with, in order to help out. For example, to reach the estimated level of extra food produce needed to feed the growing population of the planet.

    Rapporteurs, or observers, are brought in through the think tank CONCITO to cover the conference themes. They meet regularly throughout the conference to discuss the possible outputs and projections of the themes.

    The official observers have been chosen on a few important criteria.

    “Because of the competition in the various areas, CONCITO chose not to involve any scientists, and so had to seek their rapporteurs in the private and civilian sectors as well as from our own ranks,” says Lidegaard. “They have to know what they’re talking about and be professionals in their fields.”

    The Green Think Tank

    CONCITO has defined their own goals as “Concrete action and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions” aimed to either promote Danish businesses in relation to, or influence the process leading to COP15. According to CONCITO, they are focused on how Denmark actually meets the defined objectives after 2009, whatever the outcome of the Copenhagen Summit may be.

    Despite the current ongoing debate concerning some of CONCITO’s earlier publications, chairman Martin Lidegaard feels certain that it won’t affect how politicians will review their recommendations.

    “It is of course an uncomfortable debate, also because it puts a question mark at CONCITO’s methods and integrity based on a report we commissioned from an independent firm. But I don’t think it will affect the way people read our recommendations.”

    The rapporteurs, each covering their own theme at the conference, will formulate the seven recommendations with 10 shorter referrals each, ready for review today.

    The 7 CONCITO rapporteurs:

    By Thorsten Weitling

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