Snapshot: Aarhus, Denmark

Picture 2

GEJI Australian exchange student Gemma Black reports from a Netto supermarket in central Aarhus, Denmark.

Netto is a budget Danish supermarket chain, owned by the Danish Supermarket Group (Dansk Supermarked Gruppen). There are 398 Netto stores in Denmark, as well as hundreds in Germany, England, Sweden and Poland.

Netto charges customers 3 kroner per plastic bag. Branded Netto plastic bags can be found beneath the checkout counter. This is standard practice among all large supermarket chains in Denmark (e.g. Kvickly, Lidl, Aldi, Fakta), none of which offer customers free plastic bags. This is as a result of the levy on plastic bags introduced by the government in 1994. But charging for plastic bags is not mandatory and many smaller stores still give them away. […]