Plastic Bags and the Art of Looking Busy


For four decades they’ve been one of the most prominent symbols of environmental degradation. Blamed for killing marine life, polluting landscapes, even contributing to Bangladesh’s catastrophic floods, plastic shopping bags are a daily reminder of our dependence on disposable and petrochemical-derived modern convenience. Rees Steel reports. […]

UK Update August 2009


One year ahead of the UK government deadline for tangible reductions in plastic bag consumption, the government anti-waste body, Wrap (Waste and Resources Programme) reports hopeful figures writes Emma Godfrey. […]

Plastic bag survey from the streets of London


What would be the best way to see if Wrap’s target is achievable?

To go out and see for yourself.

In mid-June, 18 grocery stores were visited and 866 people were observed. The total number of plastic bags given out was 1489 and the corresponding number of alternatives was 810. Taking these numbers into consideration means the ratio is nearly two new plastic bags for every other type of bag or 1.7 plastic bags per head.


Focus on: environmental footprint of ‘green’ reusable bags


Ever wondered what exactly is a Green Bag? Are they better alternatives to plastic bag consumption? Katherine McGrow reports on the truth behind the Green Bag and investigates just how environmentally-friendly they really are.


From Hamburg to Sydney: a travelogue on a theme of plastic bags

Australian travel with a difference. Explore the plastic bag issue with our two GEJI reporters from the University of Hamburg, Imke Emmerich and Laura Schneider.

Watch a video of Imke Emmerich and Laura Schneider talking about their findings in Sydney:

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